Demons in the dark

Fast as a bullette

Yet another encounter. Hatter Johnson has been lost in the dark for the last 16 years. He has learned how to live here and developed some special abilities, including a burrow speed, and can speak with bullettes.

GM’s stuff:
Protected by a small herd of these bullettes, because he makes sure they get their food. They dont’ really recognize him as a snack, and take his direction as a minor action.

He will demand the biggest character sacrifice themselves to the bullette herd.
I imagine they will fight—this will be a tough fight, with sharks cruising around. There should be at least 4 (baby swarm?) and Hatter’s ride, Gigantaur, will have a couple of magic bits on him. Hatter himself will have great strength, and casually be throwing boulders at the group if far, and be using the bullette to pin folks if near.

If Hatter gets bloodied, he will attempt to move away from the action, trying to keep the group between him and the bullettes. A bullette has a 50% of biting him (don’t record the damage unless the group catches wise).
Mount barding, Paragon level
Mount stomping boot (magical! it just add’s 1W to any attack made by the mount)
Hatter has 4 Bullette armor (scale, grants burrowing at 1/2 speed), Gloves of the Bullette (2 to burrowing speed), Boots of the Bullette (Can spur your bullette mount, 1 to any forced move effect), and Belt of the Bullette (+2 Fortitude, +10 HP, +1 Heal Surge). Wearing all of these items allows full speed burrowing, allows second wind as minor action (free if dwarf), and +10 HP. Also gives a great hunger for meat. {ed.-made the movement an encounter power, it’s already demonstrated insane utility value]

Neogi cold call

Grandfather offers a deal. He’ll help them get further on toward the Navel if the crew forks over Malava.

GM only—-If they give her up, they are all stricken blind. If they tell him to bite himself, she will use some of her ritual magic to give them a team tattoo. If they ignore him or consider the idea for longer than comfortable, nothing happens.

Grandfather’s reaction is: Muhahaha, Malava dies horribly, or I’ll get you my pretties, and your little dog too, then a bullette curse, or he’ll swear at them and sick another neogi hunter crew. This one will be headed by a new NPC neogi, with character levels (solo elite).

Adventure Log
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GM only— The two groups meet. The older group, already having dealt with the obvious trap of the neogi once, sees another crew falling for it. The younger crowd can deal with the slaves, and the older one can cope with the neogis. Setup is like a donut, with the newbies being the creamy filling in the middle.

Lots of extra to lay into around right now—it’s dangerous, but should begin to bog down some around 7-8 rounds

This massive fight, in the 10th round, will be interrupted by a purple worm ,drawn by the potential food sources. It will pause for one round to scoop up some neogi snax, and then pursue EVERYONE down the tunnel.

Race Challenge! Acrobatics/Athletics/Stealth/perception on easy mode. I placed the worm on one spot, and moved people closer or further based on either acrobatics or athletic checks and their speed. The worm averaged at 6 squares/round, but loses a few squares every time it eats something. An average roll at the same speed would keep them a constant distance, but any neogi critters nearby always lost time because they stopped to try and eat the PCs. If hit, PCs lost speed too. Powers that gave a shift one or whatever permissable.

Purple worm will eat whoever’s last.

Starting where it's very very dark

Starting BEING slaves is boring. This adventure takes place as the adventurers have been left for dead in the Labyrinth, thus named because of the originality of the builder and because it’s confusing as hell to get around.

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn your way around, though, as a large number of Underdark-type inhabitants are aware.

The Neogi are well aware that they are unliked by the freedom-loving topworlders, and they hate that whole ethnic cleansing thing that’s going on against them. Worse, it clearly places them in a position of weakness. This is made up for with the slave trade that they have booming, and use the Labyrinth to get around in.

GM Only 1 neogi plus some slaves. Easy pickings. Perception 30 to see the stealthy neogi hiding back a ways. Insight 25 to see that the slaves are aberrant in some way.

10 neogi of equal level. Beat’m down. Take the adventurers captive, use the slaves (who will help if ordered) because they are worth more than a bunch of minions.

Lock break checks, theivery checks, however it gets done—they then have to beat down 1-2 neogi who were holding them captive. Have those neogi use weapons from the group.

Sneak around camp, free other slaves, run away, etc. Final confrontation on the way out unless they are obviously not up to it.


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