Demons in the dark

The Lava River

Villages can be anywhere there is life and willingness to work together. Down in the Labyrinth, sometimes the craziest things get together, like some primoridials with a penchant for imitation. Fortunately, there’s a few folks with a slightly more “normal” take on the world. Unfortunately, being attacked is par for the course.

It’s very, very hot down here.

GM’s stuff:
Most citizens: Lava elementals, fire, earth. Large number of tieflings, couple of demonic types. There are several adventurers.
Notable: Shop selling items that grant fire resistance. Without it, characters begin suffering effects of overheating (endurance challenge, succeed 4/5 times, hard DC at 25(?). On failure, lose a heal surge and -1 all defenses, -2 to hit until rested. Success = +3 fire resistance, naturally, stacks with any resist they have that is power or innately based.

Key players: Shop seller, Brick. Tiefling, actually very nice but comes across badly. Mayor: Kaleth, a drow. She will welcome them and caution them about making waves. Literally—indicating the river of lava nearby, chars will see it shift unnaturally toward them. Anyone speaking Primordial can communicate with the massive elemental, Krackadoom, that lives in the river. It’s basically placid, and refers to the village as its pets. New pets are welcome as long as they get along.

NEOGI ATTACK! Big attack, start surrounded

Krackadoom will wake up in 1d8+6 rounds. Kaleth will begin herding the adventurers to a boat as soon as she sees what’s happening. The villagers retreat and lock off their homes (if they need to) which will makes a series of islands in the lava. Series of jump checks needed to get to the boat (which is made of stone). The neogi, of course, get eaten by lava along the way, except for several which, suprise, have wings. Introduce the Neogi Flyer: High AC/Reflex, moderate Will and Fort. They are fairly agile flyers, but can’t hover (though they can land on the ceiling). They have a Capture ability (restrains, and cuts their speed to 1/2 as they take their victim away) and do light to moderate damage. Greater risk is getting dragged off the boat, which should be x2 the size of the group, and basically square. (Giant rock barrel?) They will fight to the death, which suprises Malava.

We wound up doing it a little differently; even at 7 rounds it was taking too long. In the second round Krackadoom started moving in, a a few neogi got burned. I included Cadavre, the badass from Grandfather’s clan as a boss type. The lava continued moving in until only houses and a few pedestals were available, so the adventurers had to start leaping their way to the boat (made of stone, no moving it or rowing it easily). Also: Turns out that if you put stuff at the edge of the map, the players cover it with their papers and then forget about it. Lawls. Anyway, Krackadoom started lifting up on the far end of the map, away from teh boat, after it had covered it all (1d4 rows every round). Then, a tidal wave of lava. They surfed it in the boat, needing balance checks, then saves, to stay in said boat. they were nearly vertical before it began dropping them, and the boat then raced away with the PCs no-so-safely ensconced inside. I played up a huge swarm of flying neogi, which the tidal wave nailed (the real goal) the majority of…as things slowed down, the next encounter is on the boat, with all my melee folks facing off against remaining flyers, who are capable of dragging them into lava. From a distance. With webs.



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