So, this is taking a bit of getting used to. I’m finding that I’m pretty much posting up a short hint, ala TV Guide or something, to the adventure log, and then writing down the stats of the adventure in the DM section. If, as I suspect, I’m the only one to ever use this, it doesn’t matter—but if you are reading this, and want to see the actual work, I’d be happy to move it all to the public section. I just didn’t want my players reading it first!

This story takes place in the Labyrinth, a rather large place between the Underdark and surface world. The adventurers in question are actually two different groups that had a similar geographical setting, coincidentally, so I got the two groups together. Some ideas are mine. Many core concepts are Jayson’s. This campaign is all about getting to the Navel of the World, wherein our players may find a way of saving the world from the star-fallen Baalrog which is currently ravaging it, or simply an escape back to the surface.

A big thing here is the setting; trying to really take advantage of it all; I want it to feel a big epic in scope, just something always a tiny bit larger around every corner, all the while being pursued by a being of great power and lessening sanity.

Demons in the dark